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Here are some work-in-progress screenshots of my FMP.




This is one was one of my very first ideas. I had a big image for this one in my mind and thought that I would be very happy with it. But unfortunately, after a while I kind of gave up on it because it didn’t have that “kick” that I wanted it to have. It still looked too “childish” for me and even thought I still thought it was nice, it just wasn’t something that I was proud of. I still didn’t have the chance to finish it but I wanted to go back to one of my other thumbnail ideas. 4

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This was my 2nd design for my FMP. As you can see, I wanted to work with the low angle perspective and I have actually done quite a lot to it already. I still wanted to push the project more and I wasn’t too happy with the angle still. I just couldn’t get the legs right and so I made them look a little less in perspective, which ruined the whole effect I was going for. 3

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I then got fed up with idea, and tried to do something more simple.


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But once again, I really didn’t like the idea and thought it was too simple for what I wanted to do.

Initially, if I did go with this idea, I wanted to make it so the background would pan and zoom in along with the characters and foreground. I would also have wanted to animate both the characters and background but I didn’t get around to painting anything background related yet.


So for my last idea, I went back to the low angle painting idea and really tried to push myself with getting the perspective anatomy correct. I researched a lot of low angled reference pictures and went to YouTube for some tutorials on it too. Luckily, I was able to find the suitable tutorials for my needs and managed to really pull through with my idea.



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Here are some concept sketches that I did for my FMP character design. I wanted my character to look like she’s in a forest in winter so I wanted to give her some nice clothes to fit the theme but also make the painting really stand out. I tried to also do some sketches of lanterns because I am thinking of making the wolf hold one.



Thumbnails I drew over the Easter Holidays. I tried to focus on fantasy styled females. I want to produce something very elegant and delicate looking and that will make the viewer feel peace and overall will be nice to look at. I was thinking of poses that won’t be too hard to animate but might still give off a nice effect. I tried drawing both close-ups and hip-up portraits to see what will work best.

So far, I decided to go with the girl which is sitting down in water (1st page, last one). I changed the water into grass because realistically, I didn’t want to animate the water since I thought it would be too distracting from the main character, which is the girl. But instead I drew her 2 foxes in the digital sketch: 1 on her lap, sleeping and the other sitting behind her, looking at the viewer.

In my mind, the girl is an elf that lives in the forest and is friends with a lot of animals, hence I decided to add some animals to the painting. I’m thinking of animating the background (grass, weeping willow branches) and the girl (maybe her blinking, hair moving subtly and her hand on one of the foxes heads, stroking it).


FMP process screenshots

Over this week I have worked on sketching and producing one of my FMP paintings which will later be animated in 2.5D format.

Since I really love fantasy themed artwork, I decided to draw a female elf because I believe that they are very graceful. I wanted her to look innocent and elegant at the same time to make the painting feel very peaceful and calming.

So far this is what I came up with, I drew many different thumbnails and I’m planning to paint 2 or 3 of the thumbnails that I have created.

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