Weeks update + notes

These 2 past weeks I have been effectively working from home on my fmp. I found it very useful and I managed to concentrate very well on the project and on the problems that needed solving.

I managed to finish the painting last week and started on the animating in After effects. Since I already have experimented with After Effects, I knew exactly what I needed to do to animate the painting the way I wanted to. In the beginning, the animation was only 9 seconds long, but I have decided to change it to 30 seconds instead, to make it more enjoyable to look at, as well to stop the choppy end and beginning (since I could not loop it properly because of the way I animated the beginning and end).

I had a couple issues with the way the puppet tool pins appeared on the timeline and was very puzzled why they linked the way they did, but I managed to overcome the problem by just trying to animate the pins without having had to undo any of them. It proved to be a little more difficult than I expected but I am very happy to have managed to overcome this small obstacle.

I have also found out that by double-clicking on a layer in After Effects, it brings that layer to a new window and it makes it a whole lot easier to animate because you don’t have all the background and other elements to get in the way/ distract you. It also makes the animation not as blurry when moving a pin (the program does this to cope with the CPU being used- it means it’s loading the movement).



I haven’t been able to post a lot of week updates since my house move and having no internet but here is a small update on what I have been up to.

In these couple of weeks I have been focusing a lot on the actual creation of my FMP (the sketch) and After Effects research. Since I have never had any live briefs or tutorials on how to use it, I had to really focus on finding my own tutorials for it through YouTube, as well as my own experimentation with the program. I feel that I have learnt quite a lot by just experimenting with it by myself but I am very glad that I was able to find some really good tutorials that were able to explain very well the things that I needed to create and experiment for my FMP.

Blog the week- WEEK 5

I haven’t been blogging every week like I should have been doing, so I’m going to quickly summarize what has happened.

So far all I have done is brainstormed some ideas, researched a bunch of artists, as well as a game (I plan to research more).

I think the research is going rather well and I have definitely been feeling very motivated lately for this FMP. I did a lot of research on different artists and games which I was quite proud of.

I feel very confident for the final project and I feel like I have done a reasonably good amount of work these couple of weeks.

I plan to experiment with different softwares this weekend or next week and already start on my thumbnails and visuals.