Exporting animation + problems

It finally came down to saving and exporting my animation and turning it into a mp4 file.

I roughly knew how to do so thanks to my last experimentation. I exported my file and waited as the encoder did its whole process of turning it into a mp4.

After 20minutes or so it was all done but… The 30-second animation ended up being a massive 9.7GB big! I was astounded as to how big it was and worried that I would have to resize it and go through the whole process once again.

I managed to solve the scary problem with some research online. I knew I had to compress the file without losing any quality so read some articles that could have helped me solve my problem. I stumbled upon a program called HandBrake. It’s a free program that compresses your files to your liking. I tried it out and to my amazement, the animation when from 9.7GB to a measly 3.8MB and without losing any quality whatsoever!

I am very pleased with it and I will be taking it further into after effects to add any additional effects to push it further while I still have 1 day left until the final deadline.


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