Technical problems and problem solving

In the middle of my project I have set myself a goal of finding a great program to 2.5D animate my artwork.

In the beginning, I felt quite confident about using a program called “Spine”, which I thought was amazing and the reviews were very positive about it. But unfortunately it was very much out of my budget and a 7 day trial is not efficient enough time for me to animate everything.

After some research, I managed to find other programs that were also designed for 2.5D animating, but didn’t really stand out to me.

My second program that I managed to get my hands on, was “Moho pro 12”, which is a very similar program to Spine. I really liked the rigging you can do on it and I even experimented a little with my old fmp from year 1 on it. I separated everything I wanted to animate onto layers and tried animating. I was sure that I wanted to use it for my fmp but again, I was not satisfied enough. I wanted to really push my fmp to it’s limits and make it seem really professional, fluent and amazing.

My last resort was After Effects. I can truly say that I am very pleased with the program and I feel that it gives me everything that I ever wanted for my FMP. It’s a professional program that I was looking for and I am very happy using it so far.


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