Somewhere along the line of painting my FMP, I have decided to change the concept from the girl sitting down with the foxes, to a woman with her companion jaguar in a jungle. I wanted to go with the second idea first, but I didn’t feel confident enough with the low angle perspective that I really wanted to use in it. Luckily, after a lot of reference photos and some YouTube videos, I managed to push through and sketch out a drawing that I felt quite proud of. The thing I had some troubles with, was the jaguar’s awkward position and it’s perspective. In the beginning, I painted the jaguar coming down a big log but the perspective didn’t match to the girl so I had to scratch that idea. Later on, my friend suggested for me to try and draw the big cat laying down in her legs, that idea luckily has worked out quite well. I also had some troubles with the jaguar’s head position since I never painted an animal like him before. But it was nothing that some reference photos couldn’t help with.


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