FMP think pair share sheet 

Today in the afternoon we were put into pairs with people from different pathways and we had a task to fill out this sheet. We had to ask the other person what they’re doing for their project and see if we could help them in any way.

I was paired up with Emily and experienced a nice conversion with her. She didn’t have a lot of ideas so I tried my best to give her a couple. We have never really spoken before so I did not know what to expect but it was actually quite alright talking with her. I have found out that for her FMP, she wants to create a comic strip using the characters she has created. She said she was inspired by people around her, but mostly by her dog.

She couldn’t really help me or give me any ideas but I was alright since I am very keen on my FMP idea. It would have obviously been nice to know someone else’s point of view on my work but oh well.


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