Contextual Prep

I have decided to write about theDURRRRIAN (aka Daniel Kamarudin).

I really admire his neat but sketchy style and the way he uses his colours. He uses a lot of dark vs light values in his works that really make the character pop out and the painting very dynamic. His style focuses a lot on fantasy, Asian style characters but as well as some sci-fi game ones. In most of his paintings you might see that the characters are much darker than the background they’re in, which makes them stand out much more.

The colour he uses is mostly greens/ dark yellow tones and browns. Most of the colours are also quite desaturated and the smaller details are saturated to make them stand out more, as well as give the painting small details.

His works are rather personal and he also focuses on a lot of fan-art, as well as his own created characters.

I really recommend this artist to anyone who loves Asian characters dressed in armour, or just really enjoys the more sketchy/ neat style.

I want to try and use his painterly/ sketchy/ neat style in my own FMP because I really admire his brush work, it almost looks painted on a canvas.


This must be one of my favourite paintings of his (I have many). I really admire the sketchy brush work in this particular piece and the colours used. I like how he set the mood in this piece and the overall effect is really good. Again, he used a lot of yellows/ browns but also added some colder colours, such as blues and purples to create a very nice contrast.




The 2nd artist I want to talk about, is Jason Chan. Most of his paintings are focused on for commercial use.

His style is on a very professional level and he uses a lot of natural and realistic textures in his finished paintings. The movement in the characters he paints is very dynamic and it almost seems as if the the character is moving in a direction. I chose to research him because I really admire his realistic/ semi-realistic style that I am trying to go for in my final piece.

The tone is his paintings is quite harsh and the colours are saturated vs desaturated. He focuses a lot on realism in his works but also shows traces of semi-realism in body proportions in some of his paintings. Some of his works are quite dark but still have amazing values.

His works are very neat and rendered carefully, which give them a sharp edge and a more of a realistic feel. You can see that he is very passionate about his paintings, which is also a very inspiring thing.

I definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in games or just want to get inspiration from an amazing artist such as him. He definitely inspires me and my works.

I want to try and focus a lot on the realism in his paintings and try and recreate my own characters with the inspiration that his works have given me. Whether it’s just a colour scheme in his paintings/ lighting or even skin tones.


I think this is one of my favourite pieces of work that he created. I love the dramatic lighting and the dark tones, as well as the lighting and values. The colours are quite desaturated and I can see a lot of green and blue tones used. The tone is also quite harsh but the rendering is very nicely done and he again, shows a lot of professionalism in his work.




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