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TERA is a 3rd person view MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I have played it a lot in the past and I remember it having some amazing graphics (character/ monster and environment wise). I thought it would be a good idea to research it since I feel like it will give me lots of inspiration when creating my own characters for my FMP. In gameplay, you really have a good feel for the environment you’re in and the monsters/ creatures around you. I have always felt very inspired to paint because of TERA’s stunning visuals and the vast world you can venture out in.


Tera has an incredibly vast character creation which has always inspired me to design my very own characters. You have a choice of many different classes and races which I really liked the look of. TERA_ConceptArt_149_


I find the colours in TERA to be very bright, vibrant and saturated (depending on the different country on the map) Different TERA worlds/ cities have a more of a Utopian or a Dystopian theme.


I have always found TERA a very inspirational game and I will definitely be using it as an inspiration for my own FMP.


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