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He is a senior concept artist with Riot Games and has worked for plenty of different other games, for example: League of Legends, Magic of the Gathering and many more. He also specializes in illustration for marketing, key art illustration, and character design.

His style is on a very professional level and he uses a lot of natural and realistic textures in his finished paintings. The movement in the characters he paints is very dynamic and almost seems like the character is moving in a direction. I chose to research him because I really admire his realistic/ semi-realistic style that I am trying to go for in my final piece.

I also really like his use of colour and perspective, the way a character just floats in the air and looks very majestic and elegant. He makes art seem so easy and that’s why I really love his artworks.

Some of the artworks he creates are very complex and have taken him quite a long time, but some of them are quite simple and very pleasing to look at. In one of his works, I really liked one of the simpler ones, which was this one:


I really like the composition and the way the window leads around the character and is still very pleasing to the eyes. The colours are very simple: Dark grey/ black against a light background (helps to focus on the main character, which is the woman dressed in black clothing).

I have also found this video that he made for League of Legends which actually links a little to what I wish to do for my FMP. He used his paintings and created a 2D animation which is something that I am also thinking about doing but something maybe a little simpler.

I feel like he will be one of the biggest inspirations for my FMP.


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