So far for my FNP idea, I want to create a 2D animation using a program called Moho pro 12. It will allow me to rig my painting and be able to move it/ animate it however I will wish to. It works just as well as other rigging and bone based programs, except it’s just a little more advanced and has a lot more options to play around with.



Firstly, I assigned each cut-out limb to a “bone”, which is the red looking triangle inside the girl’s body. I had to cut out each part of her limbs in Photoshop and layered them so then later on it will be much easier to animate and move around and the actual action will look much more natural and smooth. I literally cut out her thighs, shins, arms, forearms and pasted them each on an individual layer.

I then changed the strength of each bone (the oval area around each limb) so when I will move each arm/ leg, they won’t follow and actually move individually. If I didn’t do that, whenever I would move a leg, the other leg would have deformed/ moved along with the one that I did want to move.

After doing that, I played around more with the different tools and managed to finally be able to rig her whole body. I found it that her limbs looked very “cut out” and not actually connecting properly to the girl’s body like it should, so that means I will have to go back to Photoshop and add more bits to each limb to connect them better and make them look more connected.


The rigging works by drawing the main bone which is called the “mother bone” which for this example, is the girl’s torso. I then have to click on it and add more bones (arms for example) but I have to make sure they are connected and not suddenly draw a bone for the forearm and then for the leg. Otherwise, the forearm and the leg will be connected and you do not want that. So after completing the first arm, you then have to click on the mother bone and from there, draw the legs.



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