I have found this project quite interesting and challenging at the same time.  My first concept has changed a lot since I wanted to do this project about how social media affects all the people and how people change due to it. But after experimenting a lot with different thumbnails/ ideas, I have decided to change my final outcome, to make people more aware about the dangers online and about Catfishing in general. I felt like this topic is not talked about enough and especially to the younger generation that are starting to depend on facebook and social media more and more often these days.

It all started out with me being afraid for everyone online and realised that maybe I should do something for the project about this serious topic. I really enjoy watching the TV show “Catfish”, where they catch people that are creating fake identities to befriend certain people, that do not know that the person is actually a fake. In the past I have been catfished twice (not very seriously) but I was clever enough to realise they were not who they were making out to be and blocked them instantly. They just wanted to be friends but later on they started to be a little dodgy and that is when I realised that it is not worth risking. But not everyone has that mindset and I wish to make people more aware of that and the different possibilities on how to stop it. I always wanted to create more GIF animations in photoshop as skill practise and that is why I chose photoshop once again to create my artwork on.

What I have found inspiring about my project, is that I can make people aware of the dangers of being online and to be very careful to who they talk to as I mentioned earlier. I painted a girl that is smiling at her phone and meanwhile she is doing that, unaware, a catfish swims behind her, around and through her legs. I felt like that is a good way of showing how people do not notice these things happening around them. I wanted to make the mood seem very sinister and creepy almost with a dark and scary mood. Opposite of “warm” and “happy” colours, my colour palette consisted mostly of blues, purples and very dark colours.

As I mentioned above, my project concept has changed drastically but I definitely do not regret changing it. I am still very proud of how far I have come with it. Unfortunately, I decided to do it around half way through so it made me a little stressed out. I regret not planning my thinking out a little differently and experimenting with more ideas in the beginning of the project but luckily with a little problem solving, I have managed to pull through with the difficulties and finish my project on time. I found the beginning of the planning stage for my GIF quite stressful and hard, I thought that I will not have enough time to finish it at all and I was very close to just producing a still image poster, but decided to push myself and create something that I will be proud of.

Even though I have been using Photoshop for almost five years now, I believe that I am constantly learning new skills and techniques within every new painting and project. I learn new ways of using layer modes and different ways to do things that end up being quite useful in the future. In this project I used my new cintiq that I have at home and while being at college, my small graphics tablet.

I do wish I had a little more time for this project, as I wanted to make my GIF animation seem more smooth and flow better with more frames but unfortunately I did not have enough time for that. Even though I am still very happy with the outcome, I feel like that is a big drawback for me feeling very satisfied with the final product, but now I know how to focus more for my last project and I know that I need to experiment more with different ideas and sketches. After attempting to save it as a mp4 file, I have found out that I cannot loop the animation. If I would save it as a GIF, I would lose a lot of quality hence why I have decided to save it as a mp4 but now I cannot loop it as I initially wanted.

My first initial idea for the product was going to be a group of men/women that are taking off their human masks, to reveal that they are catfish. Even though I have really liked that idea, in the last three remaining weeks of the project I have decided to change the visuals to the one that I have mentioned above and that is now my final product.

I feel that a lot of people were happy with my final product since I have had some very nice and positive feedback.

Overall, I feel proud of my work and feel that I have worked exceptionally hard to produce it in a good quality and something that could be used online or as a poster, too.


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