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I have really enjoyed working on this project. In the beginning, I did find it hard since it was the first project back after the summer Holidays and it was just a matter of getting back into the College rhythm again. In this project, we were given an option to work either in a group or alone, I chose to work in a group along with Nick and James.

Before forming a group, I did have an idea to create a survival game and knew that I will not be able to create it all by myself, so I was happy to hear that working in a group is a thing I could do. I pitched the idea to the group and from there we started creating ideas together and plan on who is going to do what. We were all a bit confused at the beginning since it was a new experience for us- working in a group, but soon we managed to get on well with our parts. I was given the job of character creation for 10 characters, helping with the rules and possible promo art (which sadly did not happen because of no time), Nick was meant to design the playmat and card back design and James was meant to design the card fronts and box design (which did not happen because also of time shortage).

Problem solving: 

We had no idea how we would print it all off though since we all never have made a card game before so we decided to look online, only to find that the card game online shop was much too expensive for our tight budget and the time was also much too short to be able complete everything. In the last week before completion, we decided to ditch the idea of the online shop and we ended up printing everything off in the Print lab which worked out perfectly fine and overall, printing off 4 games costed no more than £10, instead of the supposed over £120 from the online shop. All we had to do is cut up the cards and playmat and put everything in their cases (because we had no boxes, we decided to buy envelopes and put everything in them).


The design is very rough looking and dark. The writing style is bold and messy but still readable and clear. We decided to go with a very dystopian- scifi theme so everything is very dark and almost creepy looking. We tried following each-other’s styles too, so the game didn’t look too different. There isn’t a lot of contrast and the values are very dark and look very desaturated. I tried making the characters look very tired and creepy looking to fit the theme. I made the enforcers look more tidy and clean, while the Civilians more dirty and muddy- to show how they are trying to survive the game. I researched a lot of sci-fi and dystopian artists that work in those fields as concept artists or character designers to help me get the mood of the characters and overall look. I started out by simply sketching the characters as thumbnails and then developing them further in Photoshop.

The game feels really nice in hand and it’s perfect size to travel or put in a small place or in your bag. The cards are also really nice to hold and the paper is smooth and not see through, meaning that people are not able to see your role- which is a really good thing, since that would ruin the game. The cards are also 2 inches by 2 inches and the playmat is 20×9 inches.


Even though I really liked the outcome, I still would wish to go back to some of my characters and develop them further and to neaten some of my own design up and maybe add more.

Overall, I have really enjoyed making this game and working in a team, it was a new experience which is a great thing for the future if I will want to work together with more people. I think that next time we should try and plan out the time differently, even though that we did that, we still didn’t manage to do some small things (promo art and box design) but luckily we managed to solve those problems and were alright.


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