Nicolas Bouvier

Tumblr blog


He is a French concept artist now based in the U.S. has carved out an impressive career in the video games industry with titles such as the stunning Halo 4, Rage, Assassin’s Creed, and Prince of Persia – Warrior Within. He produces amazing sci-fi themed landscapes,, futuristic structures, vehicles and environments.

He uses a lot of warm vs cold colours and realistic style. A lot of his works show a lot of movement and action which makes it very interesting and eye grabbing. The perspective he uses is amazing and makes the painting almost look like it’s real. `He also focuses on making the space ships look gigantic through using different perspective. Many of his sci-fi paintings has an almost a “glossy” look to it because of the use of sharp edges and the different lighting he uses. He adds texture to materials and vehicles to make them more realistic and focuses a lot on detail, even though his style still gives off a “rough” feel.


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