Simon Stålenhag


He is an artist based in the countryside outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He’s been involved with a lot of different projects, ranging from films, commercials and book covers to art directing and concepting for video games. He’s also the second half of Pixeltruss (the other half being Tommy Salomonsson), who recently released the 16-bit platformer Ripple Dot Zero.

I really like his work because he uses a dystopian theme (a theme that I also wish to use in my project). A few other reasons that I also really like his art, is because he uses texture brushes and paints digitally. He uses complementary colours and his artworks which I adored the most, are the sci-fi related alien invasion ones where he uses a lot of blues and cold colours to create a mysterious and tense mood. I really liked that on his web page he shows close-ups and actual size paintings to show the detail of his work. From far away it looks smooth and natural, but close-ups actually show the texturized brush strokes which I found really interesting. His use of perspective and field depth is mind blowing and it’s as if you’re living in the painting yourself.


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